Custom Built Transformers Distribution Transformers

Power Transformers

Available in 11kV, 22kV, 33kV, 66kV, 110kV 220kV and 330kV up to 720MVA BDD’s power transformers are second to none in quality and range

All transformers  produced by BDD comply with standards  IEC 60076 and AS 2374.1-1997
The core is made of superior grain-oriented cold- rolled silicon steel sheets and all inclined lapped joints without  holes while the coils are made of copper free of Oxygen .   All of BDD’s tranformers are made with copper windings making them more tolerent to overload and short circuit conditions.

These transformers are widely applied to power transmission & distribution of urban & rual network aswell as minning industries. These transformers are certified by KEMA, CESI, V-check, CTQC, ISO9001 & 14001 and CE,  Thousands of installations run efficiently and reliably with our technology.

 Cast Resin Dry-type Transformer

3)UP to 50KV .20000KVA
4)Low losses

Our resin series of epoxy dry transformer are cast under vacuum . The core is manufactured of high-permeable grain-orientated silicon sheet.

Our products have the following features:
The coil is reinforced with glass fiber and cast under vacuum with filler epoxy resin. It has good mechanical properties, is free of cracks and inner bubbles and has a very low local discharge, high dependability, and service life that matches
Being a resin filled and covered coil it cannot absorb moisture; the clamps holding the core corrosion-resistant.

The epoxy features  Flame retardancy , explosion-proof and will not contanminate the enviroment making it a good choice for sensitive areas. The epoxy insulating materials in the coil  are self-extinguishing as and will not catch fire resulting from short-circuit conditions . The resin will  not generate toxic or gas .
High effeciency and Low noise are the features of our transformers.  The core is lapped with 45 full-miter  and step-type lamination improves distribution of magnetic flux at core corners, and significantly reduces the no-load loss while the noise degree.
Being made of high grade copper gives them the best chance to withstand short-circuit and overload conditions.
Small in volume, light in weight, free from maintenance and not requiring bunding as per AS2067.
As per users’ requirements the transformer may be provided with blower and casing fan aswell as an outercasing out of galvanised sheet steel or stainless

66kv transformer

Custom Built Transformers

BDD specializes in custom built transformers – tell us what you require and if the law of physics allows we will build it.  A lot of mines are feed with 66kV running out on the main backbone however without spending millions of dollars on transformers it’s impossible to take a feed off it until now!  Things that can easily be modified when custom building Any impedance – Very important to ensure protection trips (lower = better for arcflash) there are limitations  Impedence should match existing transformers if you need to put them in parallel Any Vector – DY11 is the standard however can change this if you have other transformers on site you need to match

  • Tank and HV & LV Boxes – If you have a few older transformers and need to do there half-life maintenance on and cannot get a replacement to swap straight in without going through major hurdles, we can make a transformer to fit using your specifications.  Busbar connection Boxes are no problem just tell us what you require.
  • Any Voltage – Primary and secondary voltages are the clients call
  • Any Capacity – from 10kVA – 50MVA
  • Things that become possible when you can get a custom built transformer are things like 66kV/433V poletop transformers what are really handy for feeding mine crib huts out on the main feeder backbone (this is normally where all the work is being done)  other uses are pumps, lighting, amenities buildings shutdown pads- anything that you required powered can now get it.  This enables you to get power right where it’s required without costing the Earth.  Although we are limited in the size we can build some of these transformers (and still be suitable for a pole mounted transformer)


Custom Transportable Transformers

More suited to mining purposes these Substations have their own protection both on the primary side and secondary sides of the transformer.  Different sizes and configurations are available as well as protection.  Normally Micom relays are utilized on the overcurrent and instantaneous overcurrent protection and Bramco earth continuity relays utilized to ensure the trailing cables coming out from the substation are connected and continuous.

These transformers can be skid or track mounted – the skids are normally made from 400mm I section beam and towed into position using a chain to a dozer or other suitable machine like a grader.  “A” Frames can be made up upon the clients request however these are normally only suitable for the track mounted substation.

transportable sub

Tertiary windings can be installed in the secondary side of the transformer so a house supply can be maintained (generally around 5kA capacity) without having to mount a second transformer.

The Configuration and specifications is totally up to the client however we still must conform to AS2067 AS3000 and other relevant standards depending where it’s going.

Explosion and Dry type transformers are also available upon request suitable for explosive atmosphere and places of environmental concern like jetties at ports.  The explosion mining transformer is mounted on a small skid to enable it to be towed so you can shift it  as required.